Don’t Stop Fighting

Sometimes the roads we choose seem like ones that will inevitably come to a dead in. It feels like there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it. Whether I like it or not, we are not the Crosby family. I am not a millionaire who will get my husband removed from the registry.
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9 months out and still alive.

Sometimes there just aren’t any words to describe how bad the pain of this betrayal is. To be honest, it doesn’t matter how much I have gone to counseling, or how much I have been in church. It doesn’t matter how much I have been around good friends and family. At the end of the

A Pain Too Much To Bare

What do you do when the pain is unbearable. When the reality of the devastation your husband has caused you, your children, the victims, and everyone around him feel so much more real? It happened to me the day he went to take his polygraph. He was honest and truthful about everything that he answered

The Bail Out… Part 2

I sat in my car and waited. By then it was about 3 pm. I listened to the Christian radio station and fiddle with my phone as the time slowly ticked by. Now it was four, I had my eyes fixed on the area the bondsman told me my husband would be released from. Was

The Bail Out… Part 1

Several days after my husband’s first call concerning his charges being exposed, I was dealing with a full-blown manifestation of my third born having hands foot, and mouth disease. None of my other children had ever come down with the illness. I suppose in my ignorance I assumed that it was another one of those
My husband’s child pornography charges got exposed. I had just spoken with him days before. Everything seemed to be as okay as it could have been considering the circumstances. During the phone conversation that day he told me that his cellmate had popped the lock on their cell. This happened when they were supposed to

Who Are You Listening To?

You Should be listening, But to What? With my husband, I can't just jump to conclusions.
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4 reasons why your friends will reject you in the middle of your battle. Try not and take it to personally.

Advice From The Hurting on Sexual Abuse

A reflection on how friends and family may give advice from their own hurt when it comes to sexual abuse.
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