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What Started New Roots? Being thrust into the process myself... Several months ago my world was turned upside down.

New roots simply put, is a place for the women that genuinely are lost in the cracks of chaos when their husbands commit the unthinkable.  Wives of sex offenders.  We are the ones that are left in shock, with children, PTSD, bills, and the rest of life to ponder.  Fresh on this journey I am an anonymous mother of 4 boys that were all under the age of 8 when this started.  While trying to hire an attorney, sell the house, relocate my children and find resources for the man I wasn’t really sure I still loved, I realized there wasn’t a lot of support for wives who chose to stay, or at least chose to support their spouse through the process.  So here we are.

Hurt Women or Healing Women?

We are hurting women, but we are also healing women. We are not alone. Here, I would like us to be able to support one another while we wrestle through the tough decisions that are ahead. It’s a hard process, but it is so much better when you have a community that is willing to walk with you through it. Share your stories, share resources. I found that a lot of links, sites, and organizations are very outdated. I know it can be frustrating. Just hold on. Any little bit that we can pick up and share, will help to take the edge off of the next hurting sister.

The Husband’s Offense

My intentions for this site are not by any means to excuse anyone for committing the crime of putting their hands on, or exploiting innocent children. It doesn’t matter whether it was in person or online, wrong is wrong, and the innocent need justice, and they need to be protected. I myself have been in the shoes of those children, and I know many that have. I also know that unless these men are complete sociopaths, they are also human, and have very real wounds themselves. They need treatment, they need help, and unfortunately they waited until it came down to this before they were willing to share anything with you. The road to recovery for them will be incredibly rough. Making a come back when you are considered the scum of society is never easy. Who will be with them when they try? ... Although it doesn't have to be you, could it be?

Recent Articles

The most recent articles related to pushing through this storm.

Wednesday morning FDLE knocked on our door. Friday morning I woke up to living in my recently widowed Father’s house with my 4 young sons. Reality hit me really hard that morning. My boys were still sleeping, and I could barely breathe. Think… Think… what needs to be taken care of. Everything. Take it one

My Husband Viewed Child Pornography Part 4

The last part of what happened in the 48 hours that blew my life apart.
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Another chapter in how my world shattered in a day.

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Stay Connected In The Journey. Please feel free to contact me. Submit your story. Share your experiences. I will respond to you as soon as I can. I am in a sense now a single mom of four, so Pardon My Dust.