Understanding Your Husband's Addiction

Common Questions About a Husband’s Sexual Addiction

A recovering sexual addict answers questions common to the wives of men who struggle with the same sin.

Answering Questions About Porn Addiction

Following is a list of questions asked frequently by women whose husbands have a compulsive pornography problem.

Why Predators Watch Child Pornography

Answers as understood from the innocent lives foundation

Stories of Men Recovering

Wayne's Story

A Story of recovery

Loving Them Both

How one woman chose to stay

Maddie Corman's Story

She stayed and wrote a broadway musical on it

Safeguard Your Family

Blockers & Filters Help Keep Honest Men Honest.
Be accountable.

Software To Promote a Safe Internet

Net Nanny

Internet Filter that covers up to as many as 5 devices and provides accountability for the entire family.

Covenant Eyes

Internet  Filter and accountability resource that provides comprehensive reports.

Clean Browsing

Point your servers to a clean DNS to prevent anyone in your home from accessing pornography.

Stop It Now Is The Best Resource I have Found For Families.

It really provides the full scope of what you may be searching for concerning actually getting help for the offender, the offended, and the families and friends that also become victims of this crime by association.

Resources For Your Husband

I believe this is the most challenging part for all of us. We run circles around the internet trying to find places that are actually open for when our spouses get out of jail. This will be a work in progress. I will do my best to provide a list of counselors, job sites, programs, and housing options for those in Northeast Florida, and hopefully with the help of others expand from there.