Marital Status

70% of Child Pornography Consumers Are Single

Sex of Offenders

97% of Child Pornography Users are Males


86% of Child Pornography Users Are Caucasian

Criminal History

79% of Child Pornography Consumers Have No Prior History

The Men Viewing Child Pornography

They come in all different types of backgrounds and professions & they view for different reasons.

One memorable thing that happened to me the day of my husbands arrest is that the female officer I spoke with stated she was surprised that I didn't defend my husband tooth and nail, say he didn't do it, and fight the team because I was convinced they had the wrong man.  Perhaps it was because I new how accurate their methods of catching child pornography viewers were. Nevertheless, I was still in complete shock that it could have been my own husband.

I actually read in one article (I am not sure where the study came from) that only 10% of males that actually view child pornography are genuine pedophiles.  I remember my mother telling me that the men that viewed child pornography came in all sorts of varieties.  Businessmen, military officials, ministers, and the list goes on and on.  It completely erases the concept of these being grimy men that lurk around in trench coats, or that never leave their mother's basement.

I spoke with a friend of the family that prosecuted cases like these for quite some time.  She told me that usually men like these are quite friendly, and seem like incredible citizens, usually because they are trying to compensate for the dark secret that they have to carry with them for so long.  She said once they are able to get it off their chest, letting the burden go is such a relief.

So, if they genuinely hate what they do even though they do it, what is the purpose?  For some the addiction for pornography drives them deeper into deviant perversions until they run across child pornography, and eventually end up becoming aroused by it.  For others, it is just an escape from the real world.  What they see is so grotesque it helps their minds to disassociate from the problems they are going through at home.  Yet, for others that have problems connecting with adults, they view children as non threatening.  Whether they were abused themselves, or just wanting to take control over their bullies, the fact of the matter is, that our husbands were watching the scenes of horrific crimes the entire time.  They were lured into a snare.  Like a dog going back to its own vomit they took the bait until it hooked them. For some reason child pornography seems to mesmerize them so much once they indulge in it, they can't seem to break away. It's almost like opening Pandora's Box.

Many good men have fallen prey to child pornography. FDLE has lost several good officers.  I can recall hearing about on the radio one morning while I was in college about an officer having a standoff with the police and committing suicide on the highway.  The reason was that he himself had become entangled.  My mother also shared with me how a man that she worked very closely with did not rotate out of the unit and stayed, with over 10 years exposure to those images.   He became a hands on offender himself.  It is evident that the power of pornography and imagery with our ever increasing technology has a powerful and dangerous impact on our generation.  The problem is only increasing.  Even with the strictest of laws set out to punish offenders who generally don't reoffend,  93% of the ones that do offend were never on the registry to begin with.  With being able to disguise yourself on the internet, the market continues to grow.